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Bisuko Ezaki Industry Appearance at AX


This year, we are inviting Bisuko Ezaki to Anime Expo!!!

Ezaki is a Japanese Illustlator/Manga Writer who created a new genre of Kawaii “Yami-Kawaii”, also known as “Menhera.”

One of his representative works, Menhera-chan, is a character whose theme is “mental health” – a topic that is commonly considered taboo in Japan. She transforms into magical girl by wrist cutting and fights with a box cutter knife.

Since Menhera-chan was introduced in 2014, she has developed a huge fan base mainly with high school girls who are into Harajuku culture or Japanese subculture. Menhera-chan has also collaborated with various brands, producing products that have been gaining world-wide recognition. She is now one of the most popular characters in Harajuku!

Location Anime Expo 2018 (Los Angeles Convention Center)

Autograph Session

Fashion Show TBA

Fickle Wish x Bisuko Ezaki Collabo Tee


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