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Store Specials

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Masked Rider Fourze DX Rocket Module (50% OFF!)
MSRP $89.99

Masked Rider Fourze: FMCS Action Figure - Masked Rider Fourze Base States SP
MSRP $139.99

Masked Rider Ryuki (Dragon Knight): Figma Action Figure (44%OFF)
MSRP $59.99

Mine bluE #00 Private Material Romanthis 1/8 Scale PVC Figure (30%OFF!!)
MSRP $64.99

My Otome: Arika Damaged Ver. 1/7 Scale PVC Figure (47% OFF!)
MSRP $74.99

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Real Action Heroes Rei Ayanami Bandaged Version (50%OFF)
MSRP $189.99

Okusama wa Maho Shoji: Asaba Ureshiko (Agnes Bell) (33% OFF!)
MSRP $63.99

One Piece - High Spec Coloring Figure 6 Sengoku (25% OFF!)
MSRP $19.99

One Piece - High Spec Coloring Figure 7 - Marco (25% OFF!)
MSRP $19.99

One Piece: P.O.P. Excellent Model 1/8 - Trafalgar Law "Sailing Again" Ver.
MSRP $112.99

Pangya - Lucia Midnight Lagoon Ver. 1/7 Scale Figure (36% off)
MSRP $109.99

Prism Ark PRIECIA & FEERIA 1/8 PVC Figure
MSRP $76.99

RD - Minamo Aoi:Excellent Model Series 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted Figure
MSRP $108.99

Rozen Maiden Traumend "REINER RUBIN" (Shinku) Figure. Pumit Collection
MSRP $89.99

Sengoku Ace Episode III: Mizuka (33% OFF!)
MSRP $74.99

Suicide Song (DVD) (40%OFF)
MSRP $29.99
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