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Tokusatsu DVD

Tokusatsu DVD

Name: Destroy All Monsters
Quantity:Sold Out
Directed by Ishiro Honda

When a malevolent race of Moonwomen try to put the big hurt on Earth, it's up to (take a deep breath) Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, Anguilas, Minya, Manda, Baragon, and Spigas to resist their evil mind control and make the world safe for monster (and human) kind! Long unavailable on video, Destroy All Monsters is the crowning achievement of the Japanese monster genre, with wall-to-wall action, cheesily magnificent special effects, and a final nine-to-one battle royale (against the awesome three-headed dragon known to fans as King Ghidorah) that's guaranteed to get even the most passive viewer noisily bopping around the room. A badly dubbed, logic-defying, supremely gonzo blast, presented in a widescreen format that allows the watcher to see every single rubber scale. The original title for this quintessential creature bash translates as Godzilla Electric Battle Masterpiece, which just about says it all.

Language: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo)
Region: All Regions

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