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Name: Budo Grape - JUICE!

Official USA release!

The compilation CD "JUICE!" sold out during their debut American tour of Dallas (A-Kon 2008), San Antonio (Sam's Burger Joint), and New York (Knitting Factory). This 13 track CD features the band's favorite songs from their first four albums, including "Rescue, Rescue" "Botan wo Oshinaose" and "Nogashita Chu!"

The "JUICE!" CD also includes special bonus track "FNT" -- the famous show-stopper finale song from their live shows! The track's lyrics are too outrageous to sell in Japan ("Fun Nyo Tun" means "Crap Piss Spit"), so it's a USA exclusive!

Budo Grape was nominated as Best Japanese Pop Band by Shojo Beat magazine!
USA appearances: A-Kon (Dallas, TX), Sam's Burger Joint (San Antonio, TX), Knitting Factory (New York City)

Track List

1. Nogashita Chu!
2. Heso ga Nai
3. Botan wo Oshinaose
4. Watashi wa No Message
5. Burn!
6. Rescue Rescue
7. Machine Head
8. Swimmer
9. Penki Nuritate
10. Oasis
11. Nayami Soudanshitsu
12. Heaven 17
13. FNT

Younger Generation: Younger Generation (CD)
MSRP $45.00
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