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Name: Tetsujin 28 Music Collection 2

With this second soundtrack to the new 'Tetsujin 28' series, composer Akira Senju (Saiyuki: Requiem, Mobile Suit Victory Gundam) infuses the retro-world of 'Tetsujin 28' with a classy and heartfelt arrangement that evokes the cinematic cliff-hanging aura of yesteryear. His composition rings with a down-to-earth simplicity and beauty, while injecting feelings of high emotion and high adventure into the music. This 16-track CD includes the series' main theme song.
1. Tetsujin 28 (TV OA+SE)
2. Black Ox
3. Multiplying Crisis
4. Crime Reporter, Murasame
5. Iron Weapon
6. New Element Vaguum
7. Father's Will
8. Love of Kyoto
9. I Wish I Could Dance with You
10. Let's Sleep for Now
11. Tetsujin's True Colors
12. Morning Again
13. Shotaro, Alone...
14. Black Ox (Tempo Up version)
15. Shotaro's Decision
16. Shotaro and Tetsujin
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