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↓Event Contents↓

Cherry-Jelly Productions and Anime Jungle are proud to announce that we will welcome one of the BEST cosplay wig stores in Japan, Assist Wig Japan to Los Angeles on 10/19 at "Trick or Cosplay? Japan's Assist Wig Sale and Exhibition - Wicked Wig Night -"!!!

There will be a special live cosplay tutorial by a professional Assist Wig stylist Ayumi Fujima!

She's also a popular cosplayer in Japan. She has appeared on Cosmode's magazine cover twice before and she has participated in World Cosplay Summit as a re p of Team Japan as well.

She will also talk about her life as a cosplayer and her job at Assist Wig. She will be answering your questions about cosplay, wigs, and anything nerdy! ^_^ ♥

They will be selling Assist Wig's great quality wigs (IT'S SO HARD TO GET TANGLED!!!! you see the difference when you touch it!) and some props including wig tools, cosplay props and so on! They will be exhibiting their special shoes that are meant to be made for cosplay!

We also have a cosplay fashion show with using Assist Wig's amazing wigs!


When ♥ 10/19/2013
What Time ♥ 8:30pm~11:00pm
Where ♥ Anime Jungle
(319 East 2nd Street #103, Los Angeles, CA 90012)
How Much ♥ $3

Program ♥ Live Cosplay Tutorial by Assist Wig
Cosplay Accessories Exhibition and Sale
Panel Show with Ayumi
Cosplay Fashion Show
Cosplay Contest

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