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Time and Date
October 10th - October 31th (Judge day)
JUNGLE 03 (319 East 2nd Street #112, LA, CA, 90012)

How to enter

- Come to down to Jungle for an entry form from October 10th to October 16th 2015. The earlier you come, the more time you will have! There are only 12 slots so make sure you come quick.


- The Gundam Model Kits must be from U.C. (Universay Century) any other model kits from any other sereies will not be accepted.

- They also must be only HG (High Grades) no MG, RG, nor PG will be accepted. Giant mobile suits such as the Psycho Gundam, Dendrobuim and Neo Zeong will also not be accepted due to the size.

- Diorama builders must keep their diorama t o the following dimensions: LXWXH - 12x12x12.5 inches.


- 1st Place Winner will recieve a $50.00 Jungle Gift Certificate, a limited edition Gundam Origin HG 1/144 Guntank Clear Version and as well a display spot at the theater!

- 2nd Place winner will recieve a $25.00 Jungle Gift Certificate and a display spot at the theater.

- Fan Favorite Voted Winner will recieve a $25.00 Jungle Gift Certificate and a display spot at the theater.


The DEADLINE will be October 25th 2015 at 7:00 p.m. sharp and will not be accepted. The contestant's model kits will be displayed at Jungle for fans to vote and see prior to the screening of the Gundam Screening.

JUDGING DAY will be October 31st 2015, same day as the screening.

For more information please call Jungle at 310-628-3555 or email us at

Facebook Event Page



Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin "Blue-Eyed Casval" and "Artesia's Sorrow"

Time: October 31, 2015 from 6pm to 8pm
Location: Downtown Independent

Runtime: Ep 1 63 min, Ep 2 58 min
Language: English dubbed

Synopsis (Ep1):
Universal Century 0068, Side 3 The Autonomous Republic of Munzo. Zeon Zum Deikun attempts to declare complete independence of Munzo from the Earth Federation Government. Deikun however suddenly falls to his death in the middle of his speech at parliament. Casval and Artesia, just bereaved of their father, must face destinies which will be just as tumultuous as the very era itself.

Synopsis (Ep2):
Universal Century 0071. Three years have passed since the escape from Side 3's Autonomous Republic of Munzo. Casval and Artesia have fled to Earth along with Jimba Ral. They now live quiet lives under the names Édouard and Sayla. However, they are once again being targeted by the evil schemes of the pursuing Zabi family... Meanwhile, Side 3 has been renamed the Autonomous Republic of Zeon. They embark on the development of a new weapon called the mobile worker in order to resist the Earth Federation Forces.

Original Concept - Hajime Yatate, Yoshiyuki Tomino (from "Mobile Suit Gundam")
Original Comic Story - Yoshikazu Yasuhiko (KADOKAWA "Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin")
Director - Takashi Imanishi
General Director - Yoshikazu Yasuhiko




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