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Daisuke Hirakawa Autograph Session

Time and Date
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM, Sunday July 2nd, 2017
Location Kentia Hall Lower Level (Industry Guest Autograph Area)


*Must have Premium Autograph Tickets or Regular tickets to participate in this event. The tickets will be available with purchase of following Hirakawa goods at the Anime Jungle booth #2211 (July 1st - 2nd). Each item comes with one ticket. Multiple items can be purchased.

1. Photo Book: King Jungle Super Special Critical Dynamic Pamphlet $50.00
With the photobook, you will receive a premium autograph ticket which guarantee autograph (Limited 150). And also you will be given Special Photograph from Mr. Hirakawa at the signing table. *If you wish to get Hirakawa's Autograph for sure, we stronly recommend to have this item for premium autograph ticket.

2. Daisuke Hirakawa Poster $20.00 (26'' x 36'') (Limited 100)
3. Daisuke Hirakawa Photograph $20.00 (A5: 148mm x 210mm) (Limited 100)
With the poster and/or photograph, you will receive a regular autograph ticket which *may not guarantee autograph.


Autograph Session Details

Daisuke Hirakawa's autograph session will be held July 2nd from 12PM-1PM inside Lower Kentia Hall in the Industry Guest autograph section. Detailed below are the requirements for the autograph session.

Only attendees in possession of an autograph ticket and receipt may attend the signing event.

Autographs will be on first come, first served basis.
Due to time restrictions, photographs will be not be permitted. Only 1 of 3 items can be signed.

1) Photo Book: King Jungle Super Special Critical Dynamic Pamphlet, 2) Daisuke Hirakawa Poster, or 3)Daisuke Hirakawa Photograph.

Please arrive in a timely manner. Mr. Hirakawa will not be able to continue signing past the allotted time.

Daisuke Hirakawa Talk Show

Time and Date
1:30PM – 3:30PM , Sunday July 2nd, 2017
Anime Expo, LA Convention Center Room 403B
Admisstion Free with Anime Expo Attendee, Exhibitor, Industry, and Press Passes.


Come see the voice talent of Rei Ryugazaki from Free! , Noriaki Kakyoin from Jojo’s bizzare adventures, and many others!


Born in Niigata City, during his youth, he used to watch and daydream about super hero series like Knight Rider, The A-Team and The Greatest American Hero.

He is presently the leading Japanese dubbing actor for the famous movies “Pirates of the Caribbean as Will Turner (Orlando Bloom), and as Loki (Tom Hiddleton) from the Avengers series.

He also represents the voice of many characters in the anime industry. For Start, Noriaki Kakyoin from “Jojo's bizarre adventures, Stardust Crusader”. Rei Ryugasaki from “Free!” and, Momotaro in “Hozuki's Coolheadedness”are other famous examples.

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