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If you bring more than 10 figures or 50 mangas, DVDs, Making appointment is recommended for your convenience.

Appointment can be made by
-Phone call at 213-621-1661

- Any Bootlegs, Handmade items
- Used Accessories, Costumes
- Made by fabric such as Wall Scrolls, Plush Toys Apparel, Costumes and etc...
- Stolen Items


You will be required to produce one of your
Valid Photo ID

-Drivers Liscence
-School ID

We may ask you addtional documents if you are under 18 years old.

Q&A (Buyback)

Q.1 Is it possible to know how much I can sell my stuff for over the phone?
A.1 No, Buyback price varies by the production year, Item condition, our stock Status. We are afraid that we are not able to give the estimate until we examine the items.

Q.2 I am not living in LA. Can I send the items for estimate?
A.2 Yes, you can. However, You will required to pay shipping fee. And if you would like us to send the items back later, you will be required to pay the returning shipping fee as well. We recommend to use USPS Flat Rate Box Shipping. BUT BEFORE YOU DO ALL THIS, PLESE CALL US FIRST!!!

Q.3 Do you do House Call Buyback?
A.3 Basically, NO. However, if you are in Los Angeles area and have more than 10 large cardboard boxes of stuff, we may consider to do it. Please call us for consultation.

Q.4 How long does it take to get the estimate? and How do I get paid ?
A.4 If the items are less than 20, it usually takes 30-60 mins. If there are more than 20 items, we may ask you to leave the items for one day. We can pay you by cash or if you are asked to leave your items at Jungle, You may get paid by PayPal as well. PayPal fee won't be covered.

Q.5 Tell me a little more what you buy and do not?
A.5 Basically we only buy Japanese Anime, Manga, Tokusatsu Related Items such as Figures, Candy Toys, Accessories DVDs, Mangas, Magazines, and goods.
We do not buy any bootlegs, unlicenced, handmade, stolen, opend accessories and costumes.

Q.6 If I brought the stuff at the store and there were some items that you would not buy, could you just take anyway? I just do not want to bring back..
A.5 Sure, we can help you out

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