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Payment Methods
    Domestic Customers
1. Credit Card (Visa or Master Card)
    Visa/Mastercard Gift Cards require a valid billing address. Our merchant services vendor does not accept any other cards. Visa/Mastercard Gift Cards require a valid billing address.
  2 PayPal

During checkout, you will be re-directed to Paypal to submit payment. Payments made via PayPal must be confirmed within 48 hours of purchase.

  3. USPS Postal Money Order

* Please make all money orders payable to:

Anime Jungle

and mailed to:

319 East 2nd Street #103
Los Angeles, California, 90012

* Please notify us via phone or email once you have submitted payment.

* If we do not receive a notification within 48 hours after your order was placed, we will have to cancel your order.

* Sorry, we cannot accept ‘Cash' as a payment option. If you had sent cash, we are not responsible if it becomes lost or stolen.

  International Customers
  1. PayPal
  PayPal is the only form of payment we can accept for all orders going to an international address.
    Note: Once your order has been placed, we will email you freight prices and options in a timely manner.
Shipping Options
    For The United States Customers
    All domestic orders are usually shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Packages generally arrives within 2-3 business. You can track your order at .
    For International Customers
    International Customers will be e-mailed to select one of the shipping methods from the following options:
  1. Priority Mail Express International: Although this is the most expensive method, it is also the quickest. Packages are usually delivered within 3-5 business days, and are insurable up to $200.
  2. Priority Mail International: The most recommended shipping option for International Customers. Packages are usually delivered within 6-10 business days.
  3. First-Class Package International: This an economical way to ship small packages weighing 4 pounds or less. Shipping time varies per country. In rare cases, it will take up to 3 weeks for delivery.

- Delivery times are based on USPS estimates. In some cases delivery can be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances such as: bad weather, customs clearance, peak shipping seasons, etc.
-If a shipping option has not been selected after 48 hours of notification, Anime Jungle will cancel the entire order. If a payment was made, it will be refunded.

Cancellation Policy
  1. Orders can be cancelled prior to being shipped out. Once an order has been shipped, it can no longer be cancelled. If you wish to cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible with your invoice number. All orders are usually shipped within 24 hours of receipt of payment. Orders placed after Monday afternoons and Tuesdays will be shipped out the following Wednesday.

We reserve the right to cancel any order, based on the following criteria:

- Credit Card Errors: If a credit card charge was declined due to unauthorized usage or incorrect billing info, we will notify you via both phone and email. (NOTE: e-mails may end up in your Junk folder, please check). Customers will then have 48 hours to contact us to correct the information. If we do not receive any replies, the order will be cancelled.

- Late Payment: If a payment request by Paypal isn't fulfilled within 48 hours of the order, Anime Jungle will cancel the order.Any payment received thereafter will be refunded.

- Out of Stock Items: Occasionally we will be unable to fulfill complete orders. We will notify you via phone and e-mail (NOTE: e-mails may end up in your Junk folder, please check) about the availability of out of stock items. If we don’t hear any response from you after 48 hours of being notified, we will be forced to cancel your order.

Return and Exchange Policy
1. All sales are FINAL.

Only the followings are exceptions.
-Products are manufacturer defected or contain damage not mentioned in the product(s) description
-Incorrect items are sent.


Should one of the exceptions happen, customer is required to contact us within 7 days of the item(s) delivery. An exchange or refund will then be made available. Please contact us before returning any item, proper instrutions on return delivery will be provided by Anime Jungle

NOTE: If we are not contacted within 7 days of item(s) delivery, sale will be final and non-returnable, non-refundable


Any refunds or exchanges will be processed after we receive the item back from customer.


Privacy Policy
All personal information will be used by Entertainment Hobby Shop Jungle only for the purposes in which they have been provided, and will not be revealed to any third parties unless agreed upon by the customer.

(Personal Information)
Personal information is defined as any information relating to the customer, such as names, birthdates, sex, telephone numbers, email addresses, occupations, etc.


(Collection and Use of Personal Information)
Entertainment Hobby Shop Jungle will collect and use the personal information received by its customers for the following reasons detailed below.

  3. (Third Companies)
Entertainment Hobby Shop Jungle will not relay personal information to any third party unless it is called through by law or previously agreed upon with the customer.
  4. (Trustees)
In order to provide certain services, certain information will need to be provided to outside of the company. The trustees with whom the information is shared with will be carefully monitored by Entertainment Hobby Shop Jungle.
  5. (Personal Information Management)
In order to prevent any information leakages, losses or damage, a manager is placed in charge of all personal information and will work to keep all stored information safe, as well as store any new information safely.
  6. ((Removal or Editing of Information))
Entertainment Hobby Shop Jungle will be happy to change, confirm or remove any personal information provided the owner of the information is able to prove his identity.
  1. Can I cancel an order after it has been placed?
  You may cancel the order before the item(s) is shipped out. Please read the cancellation policy section for more detail.
  2. May I use another person's credit card?

  We are sorry, but No. All payments must be authorized by the card holder.
  3. When will my package arrive?

  Now here's a common question! Delivery times vary by location, but all domestic packages generally require 2-5 days to deliver.
International packages vary by country. All orders have tracking numbers that can be checked at by customer.
  4. May I return an item?
  Please look at our Return, Exchange policy.
  5. I am thinking to buy T-Shirts but I am not sure which size I should buy. If it does not fit, can I exchange?
  If you need to know the exact size of shirts, skirts, or any kind of clothes, please ask us by phone or "contact us" form. We will be happy to assist you. However, after the order is shipped, it is not exchangeable, even if the shirt does not fit.
  6. I think my package is lost. What should I do?

  We are not responsible for lost packages. When we ship out your merchandise, we will send a shipping tracking number from USPS. You can track your package by using the number.
  7. How much is the shipping?
  That is a very common question. The shipping fee is determined by the weight of the item(s). The easiest way to see how much the shipping costs is put items you would like to order and process your order. You will see the shipping cost in the order form. You may cancel the process until you press the "ORDER" button.
I do not live in the United States. Can I order from outside the U.S? I am ordering but no shipping fees are showing.

Yes, we ship out anywhere globally. But as you see, the shipping fee of any order from outside the U.S can not be auto-calculated on our site. Our shipping department will contact you about your order and shipping price.

9. Can the DVD you sell on the web store be played by any DVD players? 

No. Basically, we carry Region 1 DVDs or some Region 2 DVDs (NTSC). You have to have an appropriate DVD player or multiregional DVD players. If you do not see any region code in the description of DVDs in our web store, it means the region code of the DVD is Region 1. If it's still unclear, please contact us.
10. Do you take phone calls?
Sure. You can call us anytime. Please feel free to contact us Tel: 213-621-1661. Our business hour is Weekdays12pm to 8pm Closed on Tuesday) / Saturdays 11am to 9pm Sundays/holidays 11am to 7pm.
11. Can you send me a catalogue?
Sorry, but we do not print a hard-copy catalog because our inventory changes everyday. Please search our website for merchandise. 

  12. Can I order items from Osaka and pick them up in Jungle L.A?

    We're sorry, but no.
  13. I'm having trouble emailing Jungle/ I' m still waiting for Jungle's reply...
    If your e-mail to Jungle bounces or you have waited 48 hours or more for our reply, please contact us directly using our “Contact Form” in the contact us link. Tightened security on the internet may have cut down on viruses and spam, but legitimate email to and from our international customers is sometimes blocked, as well. 

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