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Sat. AUGUST 14th

3:00-4:00 pm Autograph Session at Japanese Little Village
6:30 pm Dinner & Talk Show (Admission $40.00) Venue TBA

Sun. AUGUST 15th
5:30 pm Nisei Week Parade with Cosplayers Sun. August 15 th 8:00-8:30 pm Autograph Session at Japanese Little Village


Anime Jungle Welcomes
Mr. Ban Daisuke to Los Angeles

Anime Jungle, purveyors of everything anime in Japantown is proud to present an autograph session with Mr. Ban Daisuke, star of “Kikaida” “Kikaida 01” and “Inazuman” in the mid-seventies at the upcoming Nisei Week Festival in Los Angeles.

Kikaida” took the Hawaiian Islands by storm over 35 years ago, and still going strong in Hawaii and the mainland due to the successful English-subtitled version of the DVD Box Sets.

Jinzo Ningen Kikaida” based on an original story by manga artist and writer, Ishinomori Shotaro was produced as a tokusatsu (live action) by Toei Movie Company for television in the mid-seventies. A classic good-versus evil tale, the show pitted a guitar-playing, denim-clad young biker named Jiro, played by actor Ban Daisuke, against the evil DARK, a shadowy criminal organization bent on wreaking havoc upon Japan and the world.



May 22nd-31st
Miyavi Concert Drawing!!

Winning Number
Grand Prize: Winner
#1 D.R
#27 R.R

Tickets Winner
# 2 M.B #10 J.L #19 G.C
#21 A.R #22 S.M #23 C.S
#25 S.Y #26 S.M #45 S.B


Hi, Everyone!! Thank you very much for joining our monthly event, Raffle tickets of Miyavi.

Almost 50 fans stopped by our store and took a chance to win the free tickets and Grand Prize, "Meet Miyavi at the theater"

Thank you very much for coming by, wish you won the tickets. Check us out again later because we will have more events like this!!

April 23rd 2010
Anime Jungle presents
Stephanie Yanez Live in Concert

Thank you very much for watching the Anime Jungle Presents Stepanie Yanez Live in Concert Online.

The 40 mins of the show passed really fast watching her in extremely cute red and black Gothic Lolita Dress performming and answering the questions. If you missed the show, Do not worry about that, you can check the recording of the show HERE

Thank you so much you guys! I hope you had as much fun as all of us!


April 1st 2010
Moon Kana
with DJ SiSeN Appearance


Many fans participated in our Moon Kana and DJ SISEN event! That was a very nice early Spring celebration for the people who follow CUTE STUFF. Some of the fans showed up in Sweet Lolita Outfit, Light Blue, Pink, White, Light Green. they defintely made the event shine bright.

As soon as the door opens the fan gatered around the table where Moon Kana's Official Items were nicely displayed. Some of the fan gave us orders of Moon Kana's Special Hand-Made Bunny Plush Doll. Everybody enjoyed Shopping, getting their autograph and photographing with the guests.

Thank you so much you guys! I hope you had as much fun as all of us!


Mar 20th and 21st
Special Exhibition and Sale by Dream Shoppe


We at Anime Jungle 2nd were fortunate enough to have a special sale of products produced by Dream Shoppe!

Since many people have recently started to show some interest in some of Japan's fashion such as gothic-lolita fashion and Harajuku punk-rock fashion, we knew this special Dream Shoppe sales event would make a great addition to our Jungle 2nd shop.

It's not often to be able to see Dream Shoppe's items out on display since their products are only sold through their website. But, many of our customers were able to see and feel what kind of products Dream Shoppe creates through this special sale.

Many of Dream Shoppe's items are very fashionable and very high-quality. The style is very soft and pastoral compared to the usual gothic-lolita style we keep at our store.

Feb 26th 2010
Year 2010 First Yaoi Event


On a Friday night, we had a hot Yaoi event at Anime Jungle. Once the door was opened, everyone that waited outside gathered around the table of their B&B love fantasy. All the loving Yaoi fans definitely did not want to miss the chance of getting their favorite books, especially if they were on promotional sale price.

We had very rare Doujinshis that you have been dreaming of only in your head. Naruto, Gundam 00, Bleach, Hetalia… and more.

Oh it is getting steamy here…

If you missed the event, do not worry. We are gonna do it again sometime.

Thank you for coming. See you next time!!

Feb 12th 2010
Year 2010 First Hentai Event
Special Sales!!

For our mature customers, we planned a lovely pre-Valentine's Day Special Anime Jungle Hentai Event! A bunch of people came out after our regular store hours to enjoy a few hours of hentai goodness.

We had a lot of Hentai anime posters for sale and it seemed like a lot of the people were pretty satisfied with our selection. Some other items we had other than the posters were some figures and magazines. We were glad to see some veterans there and we were also very happy to see the newbies.

We hope to have this special Hentai event some time again so we hope everyone will come back for some more naughty goodness!


Jan 28th 2010
GPKISM and Seileen
Autograph and Photo Session


Many fans joined us at our GPKISM and Seileen visual-kei event! Even under the chilly January night sky, fans were great and stood in line outside our store to wait their turn.

The most exciting part of the night was when the fans were able to take pictures and even have a little bit of a chat with their favorite band members! Many were excited to be able to purchase the bands' CDs to show how much they support them right in front of their eyes. They also got autographs from the band members!

Thank you so much you guys! I hope you had as much fun as all of us!

Jan 25th 2010
Celebration of Haruhi Suzumiya
New Movie In Japan!!


Even with such a short notice, almost 30 big-fans of Haruhi Suzumiya showed up dressing up like their favorite characters.

It was a very nice gathering for fans, talking about the new movie, thier favorite characters, and taking pictures. Everyone had a blast dancing "Hare Hare Yukai "! It was really fun, wasn't it!?


Thank you guys!! Please come and join next time as well.


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