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Game and Puzzle

Name: Bushiroad: Deck Box V2 Vol.713 - Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl [Kaede Azusagawa]

Manufacturer: Bushiroad

Copyright 2018 Hajime Kamishida/KADOKAWA ASCII Mediaworks/Aobuta Project

-New series [Bushiroad Deck Holder Collection V2] with the increased number of storage for [Deck Holder Collection] appeared!
-With a triple sleeve (general inner + character + protector) that can increase the thickness by approximately 1 cm, cards of [Weiss Schwarz] [ChaosTCG] can be stored for 60 or more!
-In the 147th edition, TV anime [Young Pigs don't dream of Bunny Girl seniors] [Sakurajima Mai], [Koga Rie], [Futaba Rio], [Toyohama Nodoka], [Aikawa Maple], [Shoko Makinohara] ] 6 types of junior high school ver. Will appear!
-Trial card + & booster pack of the trading card game [Weiss Schwarz] [The youth pig bastard does not see the dream of a bunny girl senior] It is the same day sale!

[Weiss Schwarz] [ChaosTCG]
-A combination of double sleeves of Bushiroad Sleeve Collection + General Sleeve Guard (200 μm / sheet) stores 70 or more sheets (about 76 sheets).
-A combination of triple sleeves of a perfect type inner sleeve (thickness 100 μm / piece) + Bushiroad sleeve collection + general sleeve guard (thickness 200 μm / piece) stores more than 60 pieces (about 67 pieces).

※ The thickness of the card and sleeve will vary by manufacturer and product, so please be careful when purchasing.
※ 100 μm = 0.1 mm
※ Because [Vanguard] and [Buddy Fight] are thicker than other trading card games released by Bushiroad, the number of cards stored varies.

-Product material: PP
- made in Japan
-Size (for vertical design): Height 97 × width 73 × thickness 62 mm
-5 colors printing (4 colors + white)
-With OP bag with header

Bushiroad: Deck Box V2 Vol.710 - Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl [Tomoe Koga]

Bushiroad: Deck Box V2 Vol.712 - Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl [Nodoka Toyohama]
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